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Daily Prayer

Healer of the Blind

You have restored sight to the blind…but I fear You won’t restore sight to the willfully blind. Your word says that those who see the truth but suppress it You

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Perfect Justice

Perhaps the most frightening thing from Scripture seems to be directed squarely at America. “God gave them up…”! The Scripture teaches that when a society or culture chooses to turn

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Daily Prayer

Source of True Justice

We are mourning in America because of the brokenness and deaths caused by the dangerous drugs being smuggled into our country. Our government seems indifferent to this life-and-death crisis. Every lost

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Daily Prayer

Source of Human Rights

Our Declaration of Independence and nearly all our state constitutions acknowledge that our rights and blessings come from You. No government bestows these rights…but, governments always seek to limit them. Personal

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Daily Prayer

Sustainer of my Strength

Sometimes…too often…I falter in my commitment to Your call on my life. I know the things You expect of me as Your child but too quickly I can grow weary in

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Daily Prayer

Forgiver of my Failures

I kneel today to cry out to Your faithfulness. Please forgive my weakest moments. I need Your forgiveness for my selfish humanity when I choose to live by the impulses

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Daily Prayer

Warrior King

I am committed to praying daily the prayer for America I receive…but what more am I called to do in this spiritual battle for the soul of America? The 2 minutes

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Daily Prayer

Savior Born of Woman

You chose to rescue us by becoming one of us. Free of Adam’s sin by Your virgin birth, You lived without sin in order to be our sacrifice. Mary was chosen as

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Daily Prayer

Father of all Mankind

You chose the image of “Father” to explain Yourself to us. That has infuriated the woken and blinded among us. They prefer to concept of “toxic masculinity” and mock the

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Daily Prayer

Father and Protector of Life

I’m broken hearted for America. As I look back, I can see the trend developing decades ago, but I turned my eyes away. In 1962 when our legal system began

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