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Daily Prayer

Righteous Judge of Willful Blindness

In our culture’s rush to prove we don’t need You to identify good and evil, we have embraced embarrassingly foolish, even dangerous positions. Despite the call to “Follow the Science!”,

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Truth and Freedom

You established America as a place where individual liberty could shine. This is a nation established as an historical experiment unleashing the full potential of mankind by minimizing government power

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Daily Prayer

Creator and Guardian of Life

I’m grateful unborn life is protected in America.  We cannot expect Your blessing if we violate Scriptural principle prominently identified in our founding documents.  “The right to life” is the

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Daily Prayer

Eternal Guide

Being a follower often entails the difficult task of subordinating personal opinions to the directions of the guide. Many a Christmas Eve I learned anew how important instructions from the

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Daily Prayer

My Personal God and Savior

May today to be the first day of the rest of my life. For the rest of my life, I want to speak Your language to America. So many are

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Universe

Help me understand what Your “Lordship” means in my life. Describe for me those areas of my life where I retain control after I declare You my “Lord”. I know

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Daily Prayer

God Above Mockery

The arrogance of mankind cannot be overstated. I am daily amazed at the absurd efforts made to try to prove we don’t need a creator while establishing we’re intelligent enough

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Daily Prayer

The God of True Justice

What does “Social Justice” mean? It seems to mean certain people groups cannot be guilty of crimes in America. They are given passes because of existing cultural biases. But Scripture

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Daily Prayer

King over All Human History

I give You my humble “Thank You” for Your intervention in the affairs of kings, to establish centuries ago the concept of freedom for all mankind on these shores. Seeking

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Daily Prayer

Source of All Compassion

We have so convoluted Your word, that we do not understand love or compassion. Today, we spell “love” – “lust” and have come to believe that it is compassionate to

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