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Daily Prayer

Righteous Judge

I do not fear Your judgment even though I stand before You without merit except for the sacrifice of Christ. Your grace and Your mercy flow richly to me. Yet

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Daily Prayer

God of Reason

When all around me is chaos and fantasy, I can always turn to You…the voice of truth and wisdom. There is something terribly wrong with a culture that vilifies heroes

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Daily Prayer

Unshakable God

When all around me is falling apart, I will not be shaken because You are unshakable. If I let my imagination run to what might be…You always reassure me about

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Good News

You are the source of the best good news in all history…Jesus rescued us from our sins at Calvary! Recent headlines also announce the less dramatic but nevertheless good news.

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Daily Prayer

Source of True Laughter

Thank You for placing a song in my heart and laughter on my lips. I am burdened today by the truth that America has lost her smile. The darkness that

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Daily Prayer

Father of Purity and Morality

I am weeping today for the depravity of man so unashamedly on display. How can mankind be so consumed by sexual immorality that we now insist on being identified by

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Daily Prayer

God above all Human Understanding

In conflict between the wisdom of this age and Scripture…You win. But, Americans are rejecting Your word in favor of woke, delusional human wisdom. In our arrogance, we are embracing

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Daily Prayer

God of Grace and Forgiveness

Except for Your grace and forgiveness, I’m hopeless. But, I am forgiven…You have showered Your grace on me, I have peace beyond understanding. I have hope for eternity. But, many

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Daily Prayer

Source of all My Riches

As Your child, I have been blessed with every blessing.  You have supplied all my needs abundantly.  To simply say, “Thank You” is insufficient. Your goodness overwhelms me. Unfortunately, it

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Daily Prayer

My Solid Rock

As all around me grows more unhinged, I find great comfort in knowing where to go to find an unfailing fountain of wisdom. You are like a fountain of pure

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