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Daily Prayer

All Powerful God

You are the mighty God of creation…the God victorious over death…the God for whom the storms cease and the sun stands still. Our failures and our rebellion neither surprise You

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Daily Prayer

Alpha and Omega

I am grateful You know the beginning and the end and Your plan is perfection. Your word gives us clues about what is happening so that we might not be

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Daily Prayer

Originator of Mercy and Forgiveness

I am forever grateful that You forgive my willful sin and purposeful blindness the moment I turn to You. Though I’ve earned the scarlet letter, instead You clean and bandaged

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Daily Prayer

Lord, Strength of my Salvation

Rescue me from deception. Protect me from those who mock Your truth in their hearts and stir up discord all day long. They sharpen their tongues like snakes; the venom

Daily Prayer

Provider of every Good Gift

Thank You for blessing my life and thank You for blessing America from her earliest days. You showed favor to us in the past…we desperately need You to show us

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Daily Prayer

Error Free Father

I am secure knowing that throughout history, You have never made a mistake…Your judgments are just and Your wisdom impeccable. The unforced errors we make from a self-centered heart which has

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Daily Prayer

God of True Science

It is comforting to know that all science is subject to Your authority. Our intellectual elites struggle to explain the origins of the universe because before creation, all our explanations

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Unflinching Reality

Reality isn’t always what I wish it to be. The unflinching truth of the consequences of sin is devastating. So devastating that to secure for us an eternity of peace

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Daily Prayer

Giver of Life

I’m weeping today to learn how America has abandoned Your truth. We turned our back on Scripture, claiming the Bible was simply a single source among many sources of wisdom

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Daily Prayer

Righter of all Wrongs

Many reject You as loving God because You are righteous and hold accountable those who chose darkness over light. No loving parent ignores the misbehavior of their children…neither does our

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