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Daily Prayer

Mighty Helper

Never in my life have I been more aware of the desperate battle being waged from the pit of hell against the eternal souls of mankind. Fantasy driven lies defying

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Daily Prayer

Mighty Avenger

I pray for every innocent soul trapped in darkness and deceived by the enemy. In the beginning, mankind believed a lie from hell, “You shall not surely die…” Today that

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Righteousness

How long, Oh Lord, will You wait? Everyday I see the advance of the darkness. Injustice, attacks on children and families, crime, evil praised and righteousness mocked. Franklin Graham has

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Daily Prayer

Undefeated King of Kings

The coming Spiritual battle for possession of the church when You come to rescue all true believers will be fierce. When You come for Your bride, the enemy will attempt

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Daily Prayer

Captain of the “Difference Makers”

The forces aligned against Your people and Your truth seem overwhelming. Your army standing in the gap seems incapable of winning the daily battles they face. In truth, I am

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Daily Prayer

Mighty God, King of Kings

How foolish I have been to even entertain the idea that I should advise You. Your plans are without flaw. Your promise of Joy…peace beyond understanding…victory over the grave and

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Daily Prayer

Model of Selfless Sacrifice

Memorials spark memories…and memories of selfless sacrifice call out the best in all of us. This Memorial Day we offer thanksgiving for the sacrifices made in defense of our freedom.

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Daily Prayer

Fearsome Avenger

Many do not like to consider Your avenging justice.  We prefer to think of You as kind, gentle, patient and forgiving…and all of those descriptions are true. But we are

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Daily Prayer

Creator of the Blessing of Work

You created work as an avenue of blessing…giving self-respect…a sense of purpose. We have come to believe working…hard work…demanding work for the benefit of others is a curse. Instead, we expect

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Daily Prayer

Avenger of Evil

I am ashamed of my country. We have embraced the darkness. We live only for ourselves. I have never seen corruption so brazen and public and the law mocked as

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