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Daily Prayer

Creator of Families

I am amazed at Your preeminent wisdom. The single greatest foundational support for stable functioning societies is stable functioning traditional families. You established them as part of Your creative plan for

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Daily Prayer

Father of Life and Salvation

I’m so grateful to be a part of Your family…to know that my eternity is secure in You.  But my heart is broken that so many all around me have

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Daily Prayer

Author of Right and Wrong

I lift this prayer grateful that You loved me enough to provide a healthy path for my life, and guidelines protect me from the darkness and deceit that threatens mankind

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Daily Prayer

God of Love and Grace

Why am I surprised when studies support Your truth? A recent study reveals that expressing gratitude reduces stress, improves heart health, and heals and strengthens relationships. A simple “Thank, you” and

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Daily Prayer

Lord of the Impossible

There is nothing You can’t do! From the far reaches of creation to the smallest particle of matter, everything is under Your control. I cry out to You today helpless

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Daily Prayer

Model of Humility

If I’ve learned anything during my years on this planet it is that every living human is fallible and the hardest thing to do (and mean it) is to say

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Daily Prayer

Friend of the Lonely and Abandoned

I know that to be a follower of Messiah, the path will often seem lonely and bleak. I know, as Your follower, I have been warned that I’ve have chosen

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Daily Prayer

Creator of Community

Thank You for loving me in spite of my failures. Thank You for accepting me into the fellowship of Your family. I know I am never alone in life. How

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Daily Prayer

Father of my Salvation

It is a mystery…those born to privilege, born only once, will surely die. But even the lowly born…born twice will live forever. I am so grateful for Your gift of

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Daily Prayer

Lover and Defender of Justice

The powers in DC fear Your Light and are choosing to “attack the messengers”. Who, besides our federal government, knew that citizens attending worship services in Latin were our enemies?

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