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Daily Prayer

Creator of Heaven and Earth

Being able to share my concerns at Your throne and know that You hear and that You care is an amazing blessing. Thank You for this privilege. I come to

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Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father

I come before you today humbled by the opportunity to have access to your throne and secure in the knowledge that you welcome me with grace and love. I am

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Daily Prayer

Source of all Light

In a world of darkness and confusion, it is comforting to know that You are the source of truth and wisdom. In America, the enemy is redefining existing language to

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Daily Prayer

God of the Universe…

I am so grateful for being able to come boldly to your throne with my prayers because of your love and forgiveness of me through your Son. I call on

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Daily Prayer

Guardian of Innocent Youth

You wisely established families with an internal authority structure designed to provide physical, spiritual and educational wellbeing of children. Today’s “woke” elites have attacked the family structure, abandoned basic education

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Daily Prayer

Lord of Great Patience,

I must admit, I don’t understand how You can be so patient with mankind. Our arrogance, smug disregard for Your mercy and grace, our flippant snub of the cross would

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Daily Prayer

Provider of True Peace

I have learned that You are the only true source of peace. The more I learn how to sit quietly, meditate on Your Scripture and seek You in prayer, the

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Daily Prayer

Guardian of Right and Wrong

It is a great source of comfort that You and not the world establishes and guards the standards of right and wrong. You are unwavering…trying to keep up with the

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Daily Prayer

Founder and Definer of Nations

The Preambles to 45 of our 50 state constitutions contain statements declaring You’re the source of our blessings. Our Declaration of Independence boldly acknowledges You’re the source of our personal

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Daily Prayer

Provider of Ultimate Justice

We need to see Your hand of justice all across America. For too long, we have observed blatant criminal acts go uninvestigated or ultimately unpunished. The idea of unbiased judgment,

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