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Author and Completer of the Family

An intact traditional family as You designed it is the single greatest guard against societal dysfunction and the collapse of the rule of law. Families preserve the social contract, protect children and help stabilize human relationships.

Intact traditional families are disappearing in America and so is a safe functional social order. The enemy’s greatest single victory in 21st-century America is the rapidly diminishing impact of traditional families. The new violent…selfish social order developing in our country abandons children, removes behavioral guardrails, and promotes self above all.

Our hope lies not in our government or our wealth, but in the solid foundation laid down for us in Christ alone. Father, please remind me every day of my frailties and Your strength. Remind me of my incompleteness without You.


Scripture: “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing.” James 3:16

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