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Arbitrator of Absolute Truth

I recently heard a line from an old movie that exemplifies the moral quicksand and the biased culture we must navigate every day as Americans. “You love that boy and he loves you. Fight for him…lie for him.” True love is never anchored in a lie.

If there is no absolute truth…personal accountability and justice have no meaning and love exists only to serve the self. It is comforting to know an unchangeable mirror of truth exists against which we can measure right and wrong. A mirror of truth that leads us to seek Your forgiveness if we courageously appraise ourselves in it. Give me the courage to gaze honestly into your mirror.

May the line, “Home of the Brave” once again ring true in America as we courageously acknowledge Your truth and seek Your forgiveness.


Scripture: “For he gazes at himself (in a mirror) and then goes out and immediately forgets what sort of person he was.” James 1:24

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