Inspire and Ignite

About Us

Dedicated to Restoration

Inspire & Ignite is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to the restoration of America to her founding principles while acknowledging only the God of Heaven can accomplish the needed changes. We acknowledge that we are the tools He will use to fulfill His purposes. We further acknowledge that no man or political party can fix the brokenness of our culture and our public institutions.
Inspire & Ignite will be supported by 1) Internet income 2) Corporate sponsors and 3) Christ follow donations. We are committed to maintaining the smallest staff necessary to sustain this effort with efficiency and good stewardship.

That's it:
1) Join the Team, 2) Use the daily tools, 3) Pray daily for America, 4) Join A Community

a prayer movement for america

Join Us As We Seek A Benevolent God

When we seek God on behalf of our country we cannot help but to expect His Gracious Hand throughout our nation and recipicle blessings for our:
  • Family
    (Spouse & Children)
  • Churches & Communities
    (involvement and renewed commitment)
  • Nationally
    (collectively to better our country and to lead our Nation to a loving and benevolent God)
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